1. What is the role of a Boldvision Brand Ambassador?

  • As a Boldvision Brand Ambassador, your role is to promote our sunglasses and the brand as a whole. This involves showcasing our products, generating buzz, and engaging your audience.

2. How can I promote Boldvision products effectively?

  • Utilize your social media platforms and personal network to showcase our sunglasses through creative content. Share your experiences, style tips, and how our sunglasses enhance your look.

3. Are there specific guidelines for content creation?

  • While creativity is encouraged, we recommend maintaining a consistent theme that aligns with the Boldvision brand. High-quality images and engaging captions are essential.

4. Can I offer discounts or special codes to my followers?

  • Absolutely! You're encouraged to share discount codes and special offers with your audience to drive sales.

5. How does the shipping process work for customers?

  • Customers place their orders through our website. Upon purchase, they'll be informed of the estimated shipping time, which varies based on their location. A small shipping fee may apply.

6. Do I have to handle the shipping process as an Ambassador?

  • No, the shipping process is managed by Boldvision. Your role is to promote the products and share your experiences.

7. What are the benefits of being a Boldvision Ambassador?

  • As an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to receive free products, earn commissions, and be featured on our brand's social media. Plus, there's a chance to win monthly giveaways.

8. How do I earn commissions?

  • You can earn commissions through affiliate marketing. Share your referral code with your followers, and when they make a purchase using your code, you earn a commission.

9. Can I participate in the monthly giveaways?

  • Absolutely! All Ambassadors are eligible to participate in our monthly giveaways, which include exciting prizes.